All about my cakes, and a little about me
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The Sweetness Cake Company has been a dream of mine for many years. My love for cake decorating started as a child. My mother used to make wedding cakes and I would sit and watch her and I would always wish i could decorate cakes as well as her.

Over the years I began practicing cake decorating on my own. Once I got the hang of it, I started branching out and trying new things. Inspired by a cake I saw in a magazine I decided that I wanted to learn the art of fondant. After many hours of practice I began to get the hang of it. I started making cakes for my friends birthdays and baby showers and after a while people started requesting my cakes at all of their events. People would often tell me I should start my own business and after a lot of thought, i decided to go for it.

The name Sweetness was a nickname my husband gave me when we were dating because of all the yummy baked goods I used to make him. My husband has always supported me, so i thought it only fitting that I  call my company the Sweetness Cake Company. I am excited for this new venture in my life and I look forward to making the cake for your next event.


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